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How Proton VPN Protect Your Privacy: With Comprehensive Guide


In 2017, Proton VPN was launched by the creator of Proton Mail. It is a VPN service that comes in a similar product line as a comfortable email service creator ProtonMail above we say. It is based in Switzerland. This is a Premium VPN for users who are worried about saving their online privacy. This has a main focus on privacy, security, and performance. It provides the latest encryption and tunneling protocols. Enough hit has the server light to use not the overflowing servers. Also, the connection speed enables us to use the free streaming event.




Further, it has a free version that enables you to observe the service previously paid for. Simply and easily we use this app. This saves the user data with 256-bit AES encryption, a strict no-logs policy, advanced server architecture, a kill switch, and many more. On a single account, this allows 10 simultaneous connections, and also apps for all extensive platforms.

What is Proton VPN?

It expands the agency’s cybersecurity by providing a VPN. For highly secure measures this is implemented for maximum protection. Improve your online security with the latest features such as kill switch, DNS protection, and split tunneling. Moreover, with above 2100 servers in 67 countries, you are confident that cybercriminals are not capable of inquiring about your online activities. Due to its advanced technology, you are capable of streaming content fastly and not interrupting on famous platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more.

Proton VPN also operates on all major torrenting clients such as BitTorrent, qBittorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze. These block ads, malicious websites, and tracking sites. However, provide complete protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks, etc. Ye for the starters this is not capable of bypassing internet firewalls_ This means if you traveling the country in a live that restricts the connection.


Cost of Proton VPN: Free or Paid Version Both Have in it

Proton VPN provides both types of VPN one is free and the other is a Paid version. Its free version is very interesting it is very limited We use it freely any time of the week, also provide a small number of features, More edition has it all. While in Paid version has a money-back warranty in 30 days, you send the request whether you switch back to the free version from your account dashboard. Let that turn on the plan you buy, you obtain more VPN connections and also provide some best VPN deals. In the free version, the feature is that the

  • one VPN connection
  • In 3 countries the servers
  • Its speed is medium
  • and strict no-logs policy
  • Without any payment, you use this

Proton VPN

While in the Paid version:

  • 10 VPN connections
  • 68+countries have the servers
  • speed is high
  • support P2P
  • strict no-logs policy
  • ad-blocker
  • NetShield malware
  • Core servers are secure
  • Tor above VPN
  • Starting the cost is about $4.99 per month

How You Obtain The Free Version?

Whther, you are not want to spend money on a VPN. Then luckily you obtain the free version of Proton VPN. The downside is that the free version with the same account restricts you to 1 connection. It is simply bypassable by utilizing a separate account on every device, also you could. You select from the servers in 3 countries now, yet its speed is not very good. However, this free service is fully a generous package that saves your privacy. Whther, you are able to unblock Netflix, which does not help customer support. In the free package, you have to manage the unblock.


By What Method Do We Connect To Porton VPN?

By following the simple and easy method we connect are:

  1. In the Proton VPN application, you Log in to your account.
  2. In the Window on the left side, you click the ”Quick connect” button that will connect you to the profile ”Fastest”. Whatever, you obtain to connect to a different server in a selected country, search it in a list and press ”Connect”.
  3. When you select a particular server, in the country you click of your choice to search all the servers in it.
  4. In each of the servers, you notice a green, red, or yellow circle, that you click to search out the features and server load.
  5. Next, you choose the server and press the ”Connect” button.

Due to this all you connect to Proton VPN. Whther, you observe that slows the server, then apply it to connect to someone as that may be overloaded.

Features: That are Changed in Above the Years

The beginning release of Porton VPN in 2017 was coming back, compare with the other great VPN services. Further, it cannot create any less good. Rather, the creator has mainly focused on bettering its apps, In 2021, this released the NetShield which is an ad blocker and applies the WireGuard tunneling protocol also like as the VPN Accelerator. Features of the Proton VPN are:

Secure Core:

From the name we never guess the Secure core, its servers are not as advanced as the rest of their light. Really, this is a feature of the double VPN that considers you connect across 2 VPN servers. The device of your VPN server to which the connection goes to it. Also, you connect the other VPN server and then approach the destination. Moreover, in the first VPN server what is new in the chain is always positioned in a privacy-friendly location. Second, it increases the question if you are bothered in any way or whether all the servers are no-logs. More security init also.

Proton VPN

Kill Switch:

The kill switch in Porton VPN reliably disconnects your internet connection whether your link to the VPN  server is strange. Maybe the culprit in some of the other problems. During the tests, it s a trouble capable the internet connection previous the disconnecting from the VPN server. In Windows the problem is present in this only, so, it is a lonely problem. The only problem with it is still fixing it was uninstalling the TAP drivers.

Quick Connect:

After downloading the Proton VPN, you notice that it has the Quick Connect icon. By default, it is automatically set the connection to the fastest server. Further, you tweak it also. Some of the particular countries or the server whether you obtain to connect then you click the Quick Connect button. This sharing between the apps saves our time, on the devices offering the chosen tunneling protocol is supporting. If you use OpenVPN on Windows, then it does not work on Mac, it only guides the IKEv2.



It is same as the Quick Connect, this is possible to utilize custom connection profiles. Particularly the color, country, protocol, and type of server. Due to this, you ignore the hassle of normally choosing several settings every time you use torrents or observe a Netflix show.

Split Tunneling:

This is also one of the advancing application features that have. In this whole connection you choose the encrypt, except the certain apps, choose only specific apps to utilize the encrypted tunnel. It is your choice. Moreover, it is more obvious that split tunneling operates not only at the application level but also at the IP level. Consider you obtain to try this specific website. So, in this case, in some trouble as you run because several IPs may be using the website. For particular websites, the VPN is disabled. It is hard to find.

Tor Over VPN:

Whther we see the combination of VPN and Tor Network, Proton VPN has the specific server type only for you. Benethy the current application, first your connection is run the Tor network and approach their VPN server. This means you approach the dark web without any trouble utilizing the Tor browser. And speed is high you don’t expect his way.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN With Netflix When it is Unblocking:

It is a solid choice when unblocking Netflix. On the First try maybe it is not connecting with it, and the second try is successful. When returning the Netflix, you see that if you use a proxy or unblock the message previously connecting, you only try to attach several servers. Once you connect the server in the United States, then it has a surprising experience. There is never buffering, when you connect to libraries of some of the other countries, It has several loading times, yet the overall experience results from the great VPNs for Netflix.

Proton VPN With HBO When it is Unblocking:

Whether you are an HBO Max subscriber, then the Proton VPN is unblocking the geo-restricting content on HBO. First, try to control it. In this the video quality is affected,  Proton VPN controls the films of high quality, also never buffering.


Proton VPN With BBC iPlayer Whan it is Unblocking:

This is simply unblocking the famous streaming service, BBC iPlayer. Due to the assistance of Proton VPN, your favorite show you want to stream without any commercials and reach the advanced BBC shows. In buffering issues, some of the experiences are not turning into persistent problems. For more, if you are confused about NordVPN vs. IPVanish then don’t worry read carefully for full understanding.


  • The free Version is also great
  • Supports torrenting
  • Mac version features are improving
  • in 30 days money back warranty
  • provide open-source applications
  • User-friendly
  • Unblocks streaming service, involving Netflix


  • Response for the customer is slower
  • Premium Pricing
  • Awkward ChromeOS apply

Final Review of Proton VPN:

As in above completely discuss the Proton VPN. This VPN has good service, for its security and privacy. A great option for streaming although the free version is unblocked on Netflix. The version of the paid control unblocks HBO Max and other famous streaming services. Further, the server sometimes maybe overloaded. so, connection in one is not sure it is minded in it. Moreover, torrenting is also a good VPN. The paid version provides P2P file transferring and the creator is a no-logs and open-source service. Yet indirect your online activities are all unknown, this VPN reserves the change on their terms and at any time the conditions. This is a quality VPN service.

Proton VPN


Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is using the Proton VPN trustworthy?

YES, in using the Porton VPN trustworthy as it has a similar creator who makes the ProtonMail, Proton VPN is considere trustworthy. In which there are no-logs services, our privacy is in good hands.

Q: In comparing the Proton VPN is better than NordVPN?

In comparing both of them I suggest the Proton VPN is better because it has the free version. While NordVPN has only the paid version, we pay it for every monthly subscription.

Q: In China, does the Porton VPN work on it or not?

YES, in China it works on it. Because it guides the stealth protocol that assists users to bypass internet censorship and firewalls without any detection.

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