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qBittorrent for Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

qBittorrent is a well-known torrent client that is both easy to use and open source. The product is available at no cost and comes equipped with the most up-to-date functionalities. It is a popular alternative to uTorrent and has many useful features, such as remote management, torrent streaming, and detailed BitTorrent settings, as well as the ability to connect to a VPN. It is available on all major desktop platforms and includes BitTorrent extension search engine plugins.

qbittorrent vs Utorrent

What is qBittorrent?

qBittorrent is a torrent client that is both free and open-source, enabling users to download online content. The application offers an uncluttering and ad-free user interface and is designed to be lightweight. It is actively developing since 2006, making it one of the oldest torrent clients still in use. It is available for all operating systems, including macOS, Linux, and Windows, and provides the same user experience across all platforms. Additionally, it is completely free, and no premium version with additional features. The statement means that torrenting is done so that the user’s IP address is counseling. These features make qBittorrent one of the most popular and best torrent clients available for free.

Cost of qBittorrent:

qBittorrent is managed and developed by individual contributors as a free and open-source project. Notwithstanding, the said application is available on the authorizing Microsoft Store at a cost of $1.89. It is important to note that the creator has stated that this is not an official release and is not required to use the latest version of the client, as it is a free software program. Some users choose to purchase it as a way to support the development of the software. Additionally, the software accepts donations in the form of cryptocurrency. If you want to learn more about the software, you can refer to the wiki and list of known issues. If you encounter any problems, you can always seek assistance from the community.

cost of qbittorrent

What is the use of qBittorent?

When choosing a torrent client, the most important factor is that it should be fast and allow easy installation and management of torrents. While the inclusion of the latest features such as IP filtering, search engine plugins, and remote controls is beneficial, if the core torrenting process is poorly or difficult to navigate, these features become irrelevant. In essence, a torrent client must excel in its fundamental functions before any additional features can truly add value.

Safety and Privacy Of qBittorent:

web safety

There is a BitTorrent client that prioritizes safety and privacy for its users. If the user is not utilizing a VPN, their IP address may be visible in plain text to other users connecting to the same torrent tracker. However, this client includes encryption options and technical measures to hide the protocol of the user’s torrenting traffic and their ISP address, with the intention of protecting their IP address. This client uses version two of the BitTorrent protocol, which includes a powerful cryptographic hash that can improve safety. In the settings, users can connect to multiple servers to enhance their level of protection. However, it is important to note that while this client includes proxies for safety, they are not a complete replacement for VPNs and may not provide adequate protection in all situations.

qBittorrent Mobile Application:

Unfortunately, qBittorrent does not have an official application for iOS or Android. While there are several third-party apps available in both the Google Play Store and f-droid, their quality can be hit-or-miss, particularly since their functionality is heavily dependent on the specific device and version of Android use.

qBittorent Download Speed:

download speed

We can increase the download speed of individual torrents by enabling more seeders, leechers, and peers. Additionally, the client has been successful in downloading three different movies from the Internet Archive. Even with a relatively slow 15Mbps connection and torrents with few but consistent seeds, qBittorrent is well, delivering excellent results. In comparison to uTorrent, qBittorrent is faster.

Latest Features of the qBittorrent:

qBittorrent is known for its lightweight and user-friendly interface, making it easy to use. Additionally, the client never has any advertisements, which adds to its popularity.

Conditions and Latest Install Filters:

If you are using your internet connection for other activities besides torrenting, qBittorrent allows you to limit its bandwidth usage so that it doesn’t slow down your other activities. You can adjust the bandwidth settings for each individual torrent or for all torrents globally. Additionally, the client supports uTP which prioritizes BitTorrent traffic to avoid slowing down other applications. In addition, configuring IP address filtering is feasible to prevent linking with particular peers.

RSS Feed Support:


qBittorrent now comes with built-in support for RSS feeds. This feature allows the client to automatically download anything to the feed using a custom RSS feed address. Although the details of setting up and using RSS are not in-depth, there are resources available for users to learn more. Essentially, an RSS feed is a subscription to a particular source of information. qBittorrent allows users to create custom rules, such as filtering torrents based on their names, sources, and quality, from the feed.


The most important feature of qBittorrent is its ability to automatically install and organize torrents. This be through RSS feeds, which also help organize our folders. The rules are set so that the file knows what to do once such as place in the correct category (e.g. music or movies) or having a default category assignee. The most recent automatic function involves executing a console command or an external project once the torrent completes its download.

Torrent Streaming:

Rewritten: Usually, you wait until a torrent is fully downloaded before you open the file. This is because torrents are separated into pieces randomly. However, you can reverse the download order to make it easier to open the file before the download is complete. When contrasting with streaming, this is a drawback of torrenting, but BitTorrent has devised a solution for it. You can set the download sequence for each torrent and if the download speed is slow, qBittorent can adjust the connections to your clients.

qbittorrent torrenting

Latest Settings:

Usually, you wait until a torrent is fully installed before you open the file. It is because torrents are breaking into pieces and randomly. However, you can reverse the download order to make it easier to open the file before the download is complete. This is a weakness of torrenting when to streaming, but BitTorrent has a solution for it. You can set the download sequence for each torrent and if the download speed is slow, qBittorent can adjust the connections to your clients.

qBittorrent User Experience:

The user experience is one of the greatest benefits of qBittorrent. It is completely free and doesn’t contain any advertisements. The user interface of the software is straightforward and user-friendly. The layout is similar to uTorrent, with a quick menu on the left sidebar and a search bar on the top bar. In my opinion, it is very beneficial and useful, and the fact that it is completely free makes it even better. Unlike other torrent clients, the latest version of qBittorrent doesn’t require any cost.

Qbittorent Reviews


  • Totally free and an open source
  • performance is good
  • little footprint
  • Torrent streaming
  • Privacy and safety are great
  • Custom themes and plugins



  • Never 12P support
  • Difficult their latest features
  • Default dated interface

Final Review of qBittorrent:

In the above discussion, we have covered various aspects of qBittorrent, such as its safety and privacy, speed, features, cost, and user experience. This open-source software comes with a wide range of features and an active plugin development community, which adds value to it. When torrenting, always recommended to use a VPN for added security and to protect copyright. Popular VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are great options. You can find more information about NordVPN on my website, which also offers software conversion tools. It’s important to look for a VPN with quick P2P speeds and a kill switch to prevent any connection issues. You can install qBittorrent and share your feedback in the comments.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which one is better between qBittorrent and uTorrent?

A: If we compare both, they are quite similar in functionality. The main difference is that qBittorrent is a free and open-source software for torrenting, while uTorrent is a paid service.

Q: Can we trust qBittorrent for safe torrenting?

A: Yes, torrenting can host malicious files like spyware, viruses, and crypto-virus. Hence, it is essential to have a good antivirus program to use with torrents.

Q: Why should we use VPN when Torrenting?

A VPN when Torrenting because it encrypts your traffic before it leaves your device, preventing your Internet Service Provider from monitoring your online activity. This is important as Torrenting can involve the sharing of copyrighting material, which may result in legal consequences.

Q: Can using uTorrent slow down my PC?

No, using uTorrent should not slow down your PC. The number of projects running in the environment, including the torrent, does not affect the speed of your computer.

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