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Shotcut Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing

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The Shotcut is a free and daily upgrade multi-platform video modification application. Complete with beneficial ideas, strong features, and irritation. worth trying out. Obtainable for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Such as it can attract those who don’t want to depend on great software corporations. The video editor has features that compete with those of the top paid video editing software.


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What is Shotcut? With Complete Overview

Shotcut is an attractive choice. It’s for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the program. Further. It does not find itself with a great corporation. This provides a lot of features that can attract new users and intermediate. This shareware editor is older. It provides the best choice for video editing.

 Is Shotcut Best For Newcomers?

I can give you an answer with a NO. It’s not best for newcomers. Before Shotcut, if you never edited the video, you had to edit the simple video for the rapid project. Before using Shotcut, you should know about some editing forms. This also helps the newcomers and provides some tips.  After that use it, it gives you a complete form of video editing and a plan to form many videos. It is also a good option for you and excellent working for advanced features. Also, there is a learning curve for starting. But, once you understand the basics, you can make more creative and attractive videos.

Laptop Users

Cost and Starting Up:

Shotcut is obtainable for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux, and Mac. It moves on Windows 7 to 10 and Apple desktops. It also runs on macOS 10.8. After that, it can guide Linux machines. They need at least GLIBC 2.13. Also, the CPU must be 2GHz. For 4K videos, it needs 4 cores. For SD video, you need 4GB RAM. For HD video, it needs 8GB. For 4K videos, it needs 16GB.

While your GPU must hold up OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 11. It only requires 184MB to install it. It is lightweight for a video editor. This upgrade is on the open-source application. Moreover. If you install the new version, then it can first ask to examine.

The Latest Features of Shotcut Video Editor:

The Interface:


The interface is smart and very functional. It uses a panel layout. The layout changes depending on the chosen site. Sites include editing, logging, audio, color, video, and fx. , if you are a little confused about which site you have selected. The comfortable panel allows you to personalize the workspace to your production. This is a good touch screen. However, users with a small screen may struggle with some panels due to the blackout layout. Comfortability means that the layout you create for your workflow is the best work.

At small Windows size, some items are absent in it while in the full-screen mode addition very. Its style aims to balance complexity and simplicity. It does this because it needs to feel needed. On the interface, you work very and.

Timeline Builder:

In the Timeline panel the bottom portion of the screen to begin editing. When all of your video and image documents are in the playlist have one of them. The history file will appear in the timeline and in the research window over the timeline. On the long way are choices to lock, secret, or mute the clip. When we work with multiple timelines then it provides beneficial choices. Particularly, the source of undesired sound when we try to outlying.

When we edit the snip in the timeline, then it does not affect the video source. By mistake, if you either click the undo or remove then you can gain it again. If you want to add video or audio clips, press three layers above.

Video Effects:

Shotcut provides many useful features for editing videos. Also, the helpful intermediate editing devices. The most important this is that you don’t need to download plugins. For high-editing videos and color, editing is also very good in it.

  • It provides 360-degree filters for the video

  • Scopes of video: zoom, histogram, the waveform of RGB

  • The visible effect  of filters: grain, dust, past film, scratches

  • rotate

  • The timeline fader controls audio levels and black levels.

  • Deinterlacing

Audio Effects:

The audio effect includes the video files. Shotcut guides the audio files in easy formats. To raise our production level, we can add audio and video clips to it. But, the voice or music file and the effects of sound also gas the same way. Also, to add an audio track, press the first of the three layers on the timeline panel of the menu bar. Choose Track Operations and the next Join Audio Track. We can also join the latest track in your timeline. Then drag and remove your file above this track. Whether, if you need, you can move back the file.

Furthermore, the effects of the audio file use the keyframes. It lets you raise and lower volume and pan from left to right.



In this, the filters work a little better than in other programs. The Filters menu lists all video effects. This feature in the Shotcut. Further the differentiating effects such as masks from filters, such as blur. This project includes the best filters. The filters are part of public-domain software.  Also in Filters, the more creative choices help to take your videos to the next level.

Editing Device:

In Shortcut Editing is very easy and simple. You can cut the video clips using the broken tool, which can separate that clip at the playhead. After this, you can cut the clip into various tracks, destroy it, and readjust the timeline. You can switch the snap device on and off. When we must to get to cut the moved to a particular time maker then snapping is very beneficial. Also, when you turn off the zoomed-in timeline, you can place the clip as you like. It is particularly useful when we test sync a video clip to the outermost audio clip.



At first, We don’t know about transitions and how to add them. Yet the process is easy. In the timeline move the clip that is present already in them above another. If the transitions are longer, then delaying the other clip occurs. This is easy doesn’t destroy the clip in the playlist, and merges the previous clip in the timeline. In the timeline both are present then you can work on it. Unfortunately, the transitions are the basic to dissolve across. To access another Shotcut, right-click on the transition in the timeline. Then, choose properties.  Once you know about it, then it is very simple and easy to use.




  • Multi-platform and free

  • Customizable

  • Complete features

  • Provide external formats

  • It can need a high-end apparatus


  • It can’t create new layers

  • Never old for effects and transitions

  • Little transitions

  • Never create in sharing to a famous sight

  • Never support 3D and 360 VR

Final Review:

In the above, we clearly that Shotcut is excellent for Video editing. Many free options can be much to want. They add accuracy to the old saying “You get what you pay for”. While Shotcut is the opposite of that trend. Presently, Shotcut provides very helpful editing videos. It has various features. It has good flexibility. These help you to personalize the interface to your needs.


Further, you get a lot of free Shotcut, video editing projects in an open origin. Yet, you don’t look forward to the slick interface or the latest technique. But, you look forward to the top repaid application. Whether, if you use it, it is very beneficial for you as the best video editor. When you use it and need any help then you read very carefully my review of this.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Shotcut is superior then iMovie?

Shotcut is separate from the iMovie application but not certainly superior. Approaching video editing in several ways is a well both of them. iMovie lacks some color grading choices. But, it has other features for easy video editing.

Q: Is there a disadvantage of Shotcut?

Yes, Shotcut has an important flaw. In its interface and features, it may take some time. For more costly video editing software, is not very stable for that video. Also, it lacks many advantages. Some other free video editing software has more.

Q: If we use Shotcut then it is secure or not?

YES, it is secure to use. And also the installs are always really free of malware, adware, and tracking software.

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