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How to Use Foxit PDF Reader Editor for Document Management

foxit pdf reader editor

In businesses, editing PDFs is very important. Also, the limited PDF editor will sticky productivity and attack the brakes on some other efficient workflows. Foxit PDF Reader Editor completely sidesteps that, and also more than besides, it is to make the existing document or file we can change the simple way. We can not go to the software where the original file was generated, changes you can perform in it, and you can do your whole process again if you know about some mistake and you want to change it.

what is foxit pdf editor

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What is Foxit PDF Reader Editor?

Foxit PDF Reader Editor is a leading software provider of quick, comfortable, and safe PDF solutions. Consumers and Businesses enhance productivity by utilizing Foxit Price effective products to safely work with PDF documents and other forms. Further, Foxit is the #1 pre-download PDF software, delivered on one-third of all the latest Windows PCs, involving those from Acer, HP, and ASUS. This is an easy process and not too complex that worry about it. So, you can easily use it.

PDF Reader

Actually, its main purpose is in the life of human beings that enhance the progress of the single person, agencies, teams, and society. This performs the best work when we construct the small document that supports it completely like some other long process.

Cost of Foxit PDF Editor:

Comfortably cost with free trials, Subscription of monthly and annually, and frequent licenses. Also, Lenovo USA for $158.99 cost of Foxit PDF Reader Editor. This software has three different editions such as:

  1. PDF Editor
  2. PDF Editor Pro
  3. PDF Editor Pro+
  1. PDF Editor:

The PDF Editor is the base software with several computing platforms that work on Windows Android, IOS, and Mac.

  • Subscription of Monthly: $15 / €15
  • Subscription of Annually: $79 / €78
  • Frequent Licence: $159 / €156

2. PDF Editor Pro:

The PDF Editor Pro provides the latest features with the best editing, safety tools, and collaboration. And it is only the Window.

  • Subscription of Monthly:$17 / €17
  • Subscription of Annually: $99 / €98
  • Frequent Licence:$179 / €176

foxit pdf reader printer

3. PDF Editor Pro+ :

The PDF Editor Pro+ is the PDF editor for mobile and cloud. It is the Foxit PDF Editor for Mac and Windows. This also involves the eSign Software in it.

  • It has only the Subscription of annually: $149 / €147

How We Can Transfer Data From One File Format to Other:

PDF Files

The Foxit PDF Reader Editor can help us to transfer data from one file format to another. Like as PDF to Excel, PDF to Powerpoint, and also PDF to Word. We can also transfer RTF, HTML, and other different image formats. It is very comfortable in the content of PDF and generates some latest on it. It can also work in the opposite direction means it allows you to transfer the files such as Word to PDF. whether you have the choice to transfer from an existing file, scan from your, data stored on your Laptop it is based on it, and also transfer the Webpage to PDF.

The scanner can provide you the choices,it’s best that Foxit PDF Reader Editor connects automatically to your device. When the process is complete you can work on it. Yet the OCR Software is not working in the scanning process. This means you can use it to transfer any scanned PDF that requires in your process.

Foxit PDF Reader Editor For MacOSX and Linux 1.1:

  • Actually, it depends on the Cloud-based shared in which sharing, reading, replying, and commenting in the cloud is the best combination with members. It is not more costly and it is a strong device for users.
  • Add and Unlocked Attachment means a simple and easy way to attach files to PDFs and also view attachments files in it.
  • Drawing Addition tools means lines are added, rectangles, ovals, and some arrows to PDF files in it.
  • Plus means it supports Mac’s retina display and trackpad gesture guide in it.

Comparison Between the Foxit PDF Editor & Adobe Acrobat:

We compare both Foxit PDF Editor & Adobe Acrobat and four that the Foxit PDF Editor is simply used and also it requires of their business is better than the Adobe Acrobat. And also it is the quality of the product we compare both of them then see that the Foxit PDF Editor is best than Adobe Acrobat. Further, their features upgrades and roadmaps Foxit PDF Editor is above Adobe Acrobat.

Comparison Between the Foxit Reader & Adobe Reader:

PDF Files

If we compare the Foxit Reader & Adobe Reader. We see that Adobe Reader is most viewing PDF files in it. Ignorant of this software due to better software is obtainable for this purpose. The most famous and widely used PDF reading software around connection is Adobe Reader yet it is not the best. While Foxit Reader is a quick and best PDF than Adobe Reader. Foxit Reader has the latest features of Adobe Reader. Security features are also best in Foxit Reader. Also, involve the choices are Trust Manager  and Increased Security with ASLR & DEP guide.

Latest Features of Foxit PDF Reader Editor:

Some latest features of Foxit PDF Reader Editor are given below

foxit pdf editor vs adobe acrobat

  • Quick rendering of PDF files
  • Effective printing
  • Integration to generate the barcodes
  • Touch screen guides the hybrid devices and tablets
  • Initial menu ribbon that is completely personalized
  • The capability to fill out interactive shapes and execution
  • When we change the content of the boxes then this will happen.
  • Whatever, Foxit has solved this issue in Link and Join Text features

Foxit PDF Reader Editor For Editing:

This is simply because we use it. To an existing PDF to make changes in it we should require it means editing. We require to take a trip to the section of Edit. It can directly select the document once you open it. Also, the PDF is separated into text boxes, you can choose it, pass it around and it will be resized. When you change the size then the text will directly reflow. Further, you notice the main part of the body in the document is separated into multiple little pain in making editing, text boxes, also the words are not directly flowing from one box to another.


Choose it then press the boxes if you want to connect with each other. One we can do then we can go back into the editing. We write seamlessly across the boxes because we are able to do it. Moreover, we are able to alter its size, font, color, and alignment. A lot of choices in it to change the character, line, paragraph spacing, etc.

Security Level Of Foxit Reader:

  • In PDF documents the password is the best protection in it and strict features are printing, filing forms, and making comments.
  • For particular permission of each individual utilizing the given document Certificate is the best in it.
  • Further, Redaction is the safety measure that removes sensitive data before others can gain it in your document.
  • Whether, if no safety option allows your PDF document to be ay achieved by someone with a PDF reader. This is the best option for mass distribution.


  • PDF Editing
  • generate the handbooks and proposals
  • Signing document electronically


  • Removing and adding pages
  • Text Fields to document is added
  • Other applications it can share out

Conclusion of Foxit PDF Reader Editor:

Finally, the Foxit PDF Reader Editor must be the PDF Reader. The deep feature is to ensure the disposal that is utilized for the best advantage of the customer. Similarly with other many online devices. Foxit offers you a free 14-day trial, you can continue it and explore all its features without paying any cost. When you use this trial after that you may require the subscription for a little monthly fee. I hope you can understand it in a single article. I try my best to convey this information in an easy way.

foxit pdf reader editor

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If we use the Foxit PDF Reader Editor then it is secure to use?

It is secure if no cyberattack on it with enough features. So, if you use authentic Foxit Software it is important that you use it. Many users search for it more conveniently to install Foxit Reader on the sites of our partners.

Q: If you know about the best PDF Editor?

Yes, I know some of the best PDF Editors are: Foxit PDF Reader Editor, Adobe Acrobat, small PDF, Adobe PDF Pack, Ntio PDF Productivity, and so on.

Q: Whether we compare the price of Foxit then  Adobe then Which is cheaper in both of them?

Actually, when we see their annual plans, Foxit is cheaper than Adobe.  For example, the annual plan of Foxit PDF Reader Editor is nearlyUS$ 79.99. On another side, the  Adobe Acrobat Standard price has US$ 159.99 and the other Adobe Acrobat Pro costs US$ 179.88.

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