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How to Use Handbrake For MacOS: A Beginner’s Guide

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Basically, the Handbrake for MacOS is made for PC users. But when people know its capabilities, they want to use it more. It provides many features such as a video decoding device, and DVDs with great importance in it. Moreover, we interact on the video conversion side and things in it are superior for video editing software.  Simple loading of video Hand-brake provides the very quick results we require. We can use it for converting the different formats to setting specific positions.

what is handbrake

What is Handbrake for MacOS?

Handbrake for MacOS is a powerful program without it there should be no PC. This forces Blue rays, DVDs, and transcodes video files in every codec between them. If you require the file in which the burn subtitle is and the soundtrack in your TV speakers. One of the best things in which is that it is open-source and totally free. Further, it will be very useful for superior DVD rippers in 2023. You can also change some choices if you require any in which you need. We can also attain to utilize Handbrake without examining its documentation.

what is handbrake macos

The Output setting section provides different tabs to work like that in encoding settings, customizing precise, concerned effects, cropping completely large videos, alternating codecs, tweaking frame rates, and many of them. For starters and experts, the Hand-brake for MacOS is separate. For QuickTime friendly we use the AVI files for converting we use it.

The Use Of Handbrake:

We say that Handbrake for MacOS is simply what we use in DVDs Prime software Reviews, but actually, it is a bit tricky to use the Handbrake. The reason is that in Handbrake it is the dim area of the program. The open-source software that we look around and used for a long time. However, it has some improvement in now the years are: when we open the screen, then they ask us to choose our input file. Such as any folder of files, DVDs, and some video processing. Before dropping your information into some specific file, audio, video, etc. It can analyze your data.

Whether the output tool is a Chromecast Ultra. Then you observe 4k, h265, predetermined the sound, and waiting for you. Similarly, Apple TVs, Xbox, and some others. Also. You can work according what your requirement and it provide choices you can select it. These choices on the seven tabs are available. Like as frame rate, audio, comparison, and so on.

Speed of Handbrake:


If we see the speed of Handbarke for MacOS is an AVERAGE SPEED. Alas, GPU acceleration is neither and little by the speed of your CPU. It observes quickly on the 16 core. If you can do a lot of work at the present time, then it can work slowly. Some other software gives you more speed without you paying for it, you use it. But Handbrake for MacOS can provide you with a comfortable prime workflow for a long time. Beginners face problems they don’t know about them, but experts know the many outputs of it.

Price of Handbrake:

It is a completely free app. Moreover, it has a lot of advantages. GIMP, OpenOffice, and Handbrake are very reliable at present a time. One of its features is documentation obtainable on its websites. If you can use it, then you observe its features. For free it provides a lot of features. You just install it and use it. I can also give you one suggestion the Freemake Video Converter is also free, but the ads, upgrades, and messages are obtainable in the constant of time.

Features of Handbrake for MacOS:

Some important features of Handbrake for MacOS are given below:

DVD Ripping:

handbrake mac

The DVD and BluRay are those sources that no one can copy protection of this. But Hanbrake can provide copy protection for DVDs at once, you can download the libdvdcss library. If you want to succeed in DVD ripping then you can utilize the framerate, H.264, and quality. The beginners who cannot know how to adjust the option, then hand-brake provides specific chapters, titles, and some audio tracks that you prefer. At least you, don’t worry about its content.

Video Converter:

It is one of the top features which touch on the capability of this program to convert one format of the video into another. The format may be MP4 and MKV. You may also define your own conversion processor. You can edit some video or may change its direction, can some subtitles, and further set the speed to low or high. Multiply videos are also converting.

Input and Output Choices:

Handbrake for MacOS generally guides the multimedia in which the DVD and BluRay. Some species are given:

  • Video Holder:

MP4 and MKV guide the output holders.

  • Video Encoding Choices:

Construct most of the guide H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9, and encoders of Theora.

  • Audio Encoding Choices:

The audio encoding choices are AC3, Flac, MP3, etc.

  • Audio Pass-thru:

On the DTS, AAC, ECA3, and MP3 tracks are included in the audio pass-through that is included in Handbrake for MacOS.

The Batch Conversion And Queueing:

Handbrake for MacOS has the ability to convert multiple files or complete folders at the same time. Simultaneously, you observe the ultimate convenience that the multiple files come at the same time. So, you have a choice to queue encodes that are based on the past you have put in position. You can use it and observe its comfort features.

software prices


  • First, it is completely free
  • Android devices and IOs are present in it
  • Multiplatform
  • Batch video conversion
  • Format support is good


  • It can guide only two containers
  • Its looking is not very interesting
  • Intimidating interface

User Review For Handbrake For MacOS:

Some people are terrified about its speed, but actually, there is no scam from that fact. Due to the conversion process, it can guide you step by step with the help of video. It is very powerful and totally complete features in it. Further, it is very comfortable and provides a lot of choices that we require. Due to its features, it is very popular. But actually, we can only require it to work. Whether, if we use it bitterly and work across a quite number of settings then it provides us best Output. And the results we obtain are very beneficial.

Final Verdict of Handbrake For MacOS:

In the above, we completely discuss that it is completely free and also has a lot of features that are not present in paid software. Many people like it due to its many useful features. We can convert the video into different formats. It also provides the choice of DVD Ripping. In specific devices optimize videos and also video erect websites. Once you can use and settings it, then you can easily use it in what you require. In video conversions, DVD ripping is the top.

Laptop Users

Handbrake for MacOS has many alternatives. I can also suggest that if you want to replace the Handbrake then you use the HitPaw Video Converter. That is the best and it has a wide range of features and a specific editing process.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If we use the Handbrake for MacOS then it is secure or not?

Actually, it depends that if you installed it on your official page and then you won’t worry about its security. Other some option, maybe not be secure.

Q: Handbrake for MacOS has some premium version?

No, it has no premium version. It is completely free and provides completely packed features.

Q: What are the disadvantages of the Handbrake turning?

Some other methods include drift, which also it has a serious chance of the vehicle flopping above and the cause may also be taken if the production of the vehicle to maneuver. Further, its center of gravity is higher than others like SUVs.

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