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Recuva Help to Recover Your Lost Data : A Comprehensive Guide

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Selecting the best data recovery software will assist you recover lost data and files from the Laptop, USB sticks, portable hard drives, and many more. In this way, the best recovery program and also the most famous about their work is the Recuva. Recuva is a very fast, efficient data scanner. It recovers any form of a file in any of the category media, involving the latest format hard drives and damaging files. Simply we use the file. This was grown by Piriform, the creators of the CCleaner, and some other great products. For beginner-friendly approaches, their data recovery, and free unlimited data recovery are all in Recuva. The deleted music, pictures, videos, documents, external; hard drives, CDs, USB drives, emails from Mac/PC, and more are recovering with the help of Recuva. This is an effective file recovery tool.


What is Recuva? Briefly Explain

This is a famous device for recovering our lost data. No one is to lose their important data that he lost in some accidental deletion, some hardware malfunction, or maybe some other reason. Whether, if you face the situation of data loss, at this situation, you use the tool that is for the recovery of the lost data and if you do this then it is a good choice for you. Actually, there are millions of tools we utilize but the Recuva is one of the best tools for recovering back the deleted data on a Windows Laptop for free.

Testing proves that it is also a good tool for recovering lost data. It is designed for particular personal use purposes. Another alternative the Recuva is very expensive yet it is free. It is best in all of them in testing it is clearly prove that point and also their cost is also very important we discuss.

What is the Cost of Recuva? Really Free or Paid

As we are previously discussing that Recuva is the creation of the developers of CCleaner, and due to this is very famous and extremely useful for maintaining the health of your PC and clearing out junk files. For personal users, it provides a free version. While for commercial use you will require to update to a paid license, which begins with yearly about in your Laptop is $24.95. Further, for the $5 you will accept the license from the CCleaner Professional for the macOS, Andriod, and Windows also, particularly professional hardware monitors.

You don’t worry about the cost because all the features are active for every user. This software also works with memory cards, fast and deep scan choices, iOS devices, other virtual drives, etc. Unlikely, it is obtainable only for the install on Windows PCs. Fort recovery is good with no-cost or low-cost software. All of this discussion means that for personal use it is free or the professional version, requires that you pay for them.


We Use Recuva Is Safe or Not?

Definitely, YES because for the data recovery in our Laptop, it is safe to use. It is a legitimate program that without viruses or malware you safely install or download it. The deleted data is merely on your hard drive. The files or devices in our laptop or Computer are not changing or damaging. Further if want to study the Is Snappy Installer Safe then it is best as it is free and updates the driver apps.

Working of Recuva:

This software is capable you searching the deleted files from external storage, hard drive, and USB drives with fast and deep scans. From the formatted drive, it also finds the data and scans the internal files and documents are restore that contain the specified text string. Further, From the CD-free data recovery, iPod, and MP3 player is supported by this software. Moreover, it can not work with the two kinds of files.

  • Securely delete files.  With the PC/Mac cleaner software after the file is securely deleted, the file information is also deleted from the file system. Also, in this case, the Recuva is not working.
  • Overwritten Files. By overwritten if your deleted files are taken by the new data, then the Recuva is also not working in it.

By What Method Do We Recover Data Free With the Recovery Files of the Recuva?

Firstly, on the website of Recuva you install the version you require. This software is installed on the laptop and follow the next steps of how you use this free and recover your data on the Windows Laptop.

Step 1:

Start this software which is a free data recovery project. This is the start for you to choose the file type you obtain to recover and the position of the file. After, you click the Next to process.

Step 2:

In your hard drive, it will start the quick scan. This quick scan is finished in several minutes. After, the scanning you finish, you obtain the results of the scan. In experience, the quick scan is to find out the files like the bunch of the files that er are required. For recovering the deleted files, you will begin the deep scan.

Step 3:

In advance mode, you click. Choose the local disk, make sure Deep Scan is chosen, and to begin click the Scan.

Step 4:

This will require hours of scanning to identify the deleted files. Once the scan is finished, choose the files you require and click Recuva.

As this is simple to scan the deleted files due to Recuva. Moreover, the result of the scan is not. May be possible that some of the files are in this software so after an hour you require to wait for it.

Some File Systems Are Not Determine the Recuva:

Some files are recovered by Recuva, but some of the users face some problems. The error shows that corrupts your drive and on the drive, the files are like the RAw. This means that RAW files are not the Recuva, further the error message pops up. To recover the files you do the:


1. Obtain the Recovery Program that Determines the RAW Files:

In data recovery, some of the software also recognizes the RAW drive and assists with the file recovery in the RAW drive Recoverit Data Recovery. This is to determine the USB drivers, Laptop hard drives, and SD cards that have RAW. Freely install this fro scan the files.

2. Fast Format Your Hard Drive:

The fast format is initially the file system and considers that Recuva determines the hard drive. After the quick format, the hard drive will look empty, yet on the drive, the files are still recoverable. Further, after the quick format, you apply the files recovered with Recuva. For the quick format of a hard drive, Window Explore is open, on the RAW drive the right click, and choose the format. On the quick format tick and press start to begin.

Features That Helpful For You Are:

  • Simply we use it and ask any important questions and behind ht scenes really hard work.
  • This is obtainable in a portable version creating an installation that is not necessary.
  • The fast standard scan and optional deep scan maintain all of the bases for finding out for recoverable files.
  • This guides the scanning of internal files so you search out the documents that contain a specific text string.
  • From the hard drives, it recovers the files, memory cards, BD/CDs/DVDs, USB drives, and MP3 players, whether, they are corrupting, damaging, or maybe reformatting
  • Further, it guides drivers as large as 3TB.
  • It has obtainable for 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • In the settings, whether you are capable of the option, the structure of the folder is with the files.


  • Low Cost
  • The free version is also obtainable
  • Preview screen
  • Quick and effective scans
  • Sketch the small processing power


  • It takes a long time for the deep scans
  • Further, its User interface is not very attractive
  • Many files are not recover

Final Review of Recuva:

As we completely discuss Recuva is recovering the funds and its price is very attractive in both free and paid versions is available. Simply we use it. It has strong features, involving the deep scan device, safety file overwriter, and further format drive scanning. The user interface is no more attractive. Yet it is simple and more attractive. For recovering the data it is the best choice. This is available for macOS, Windows, and Android. For personal use, you use it free while the professional version is paid. Every type of file are recover the background while some of the files do not determine the Recuva like the RAW files. But this problem has also a solution as in above we discuss very carefully.Recover Tool

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If we compare the Recuva with the Disk Drill which one is the best?

The full backups are in the Recxuva while the Disk Drill has no things, involving previous recoverable items scanning the process without interrupting.

Q: Is Recuva recover the composition disk?

Unfortunately, the many of the recovery devices, Recuva recovers the files that are from damage or some composition disk is new.

Q: Is fixing the Corrupted Files in Recuva?

From the disk, it recovers the files that may be damaging or corrupting physically or across the software.

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