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Microsoft To-Do: The Ultimate Guide for Productivity


Microsoft To-Do is not an extensive program management software. Neither is a light collaboration software. Actually, it is a highly functional to-do app that assists anyone keep their personal tasks and programs on time and achievement. Firstly, it starts in 2015 with the organization of 6Wunderkinder for approximately $200 million and transfer it into Microsoft To-Do. And, You use many of the project management software yet you are not using this Microsoft that is based on the rest of their ecosystem and function according to their potential. Further, the Mobile app also the creation of the Wunderlist, it is more of a skilled company, yet it is simple, quick, and convenient quick, and convenient. To-Do

What is Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do restores the previous Wunderlist tasks management device. It attempts to generate the tasks manager for the moderate user to produce an app that looks have to get itself in between the private globe and business the same time trying to obey too many demographics. Yet, it has not had the huge library of smartphone apps that are successful that mobile OS makers such as Apple and Google boast. Further, the organization’s contentious presence in productivity and business trade has given the platform in which you lunch the achieve mobile provides in the Office ecosystem. And, For business users, it is primarily targeting this.

Cost of Microsoft To-Do:

One of the great benefits of the Microsoft To-Do is that it is free. You use everything in it without any cost. Next, To obtain the app which is obtainable for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and the web you require a Microsoft account, Microsoft we run on the business or a school email, Skype credentials, or email. Moreover, when we compare the Pro account with the Editor’s select winner Todoist price is $5 per month and $48 per year.

Latest Features of the Microsoft To-Do:

It is very complex. Further, does not provide the reports and does not turn the tasks list into a Gantt chart, an not assist to construct an invoice. Further, it is a task list creator. And one of the top task list managers. Basic things it can do.


Desktop or Web app:

This started as a mobile application. For both Windows and Mac devices, Microsoft has started the Desktop and Web versions.

Safety Features: 

Two-Factor Authentication:

Microsoft enables you to set up more identity validation across 2FA.

Single Sign On(SSO) combination:

This is a form of the Microsft cloud ecosystem, that enables it to take benefits of the SSO abilities of Azure.

Task Classification and Scheduler:

In Microsoft To-Do it is a bread and butter. Mainly we create the tasks and further, the subtasks to assist you track the intricacies of something you are viewing to accomplish.Wunderlist

Document Storage:

It involves the file upgrade fields in every individual task, images, documents, and some other files are including in it.

Sharing Files:

Every Microsoft  To-Do not only tasks enable a file upload feature, yet, but every task is also shareable with other app users.


Nothing budgeting tools or features are this devices.

Microsoft To-Do Guide and Working:

It is simple but when you use it all the options are available in it which you require. Nothing shortage of help support, articles, tips, and walks across to make your experience the most of them with this app. You are really surprised to use it as a detail of every support article, step-by-step instructions are obtainable, and relevant screenshots support your way across any use or function. Further, contact Microsoft guide, consider you describe the problems, and also attach some images that guide your problems in experiencing you are, they completely guide you.


Simplicity is the great advantage of Microsoft To-Do. Use some other tasks management applications perilous, like Todoist. However, none of these devices are complex. Expensionally Microsoft is user-friendly. further, the certain features from free users, there are no paywalls that block access not to mention. Besides,  Microsoft provides the app that is free with the millions they make on other projects. Further, you my article Filmora you can read.

Outstanding add-on For Your Team:

This provides a highly efficient and to-do list user friendly, so we are not required to use some other program management software. Moreover, some list is shared with others and certain tasks are attached to them, yet there are so much more to program management than that. On the last day, this device can’t take the positions of a complete project management platform and are not have to. When adopting this task your team is not encouraged the way to track the day of intricacies, like generating the persona calenders, for meetings setting remainder, and filling reports. Besides, organized team members perform better on the job.Wunderlist

Alternatives  of the Microsoft To-Do:

Google Tasks:

It is simple, more limited conditions, and focuses entirely on the task management app that assists to generate user-controlled apps and lists.

Any. do:

The app of the calendar-focused provides a colorful interface with a focus mode to assist and destruction is avoided. Further, monthly subscription versions are included and increase organization and multiple users collaboration features.


And equally simple choice with color code lists. Native Apple Watch apps and more approaching platform-agnostic to mediator integrations are provided. Further, the paid Pro Plan choice with increased features is included.


The simplicity of Google Tasks with Any. do’s focus modes combine? Next, the unique habit tracker to assist make you more productive in adding. Involves the Premium choice that deletes the tasks limit.Microsoft To-Do

Simple Use:

We use it in a simple way. All things in Microsoft To-Do are separated into lists, tasks, and subtasks. Each list has its own set of tasks and subtasks that assist that track and completing the program that your project is completed. Once you install To-Do, You generate a list for your pass with dates and primary levels. When you use this application to keep track of all things from pre-move car control to travel according to schedules. Next, The inclusion of subtasks is my favorite function in it. Because it allows generating the tasks of the master list, every task has its subtasks that assist to keep track of smaller details. This is very beneficial if you use it. You use it day-by-day and want to change init. And update regularly.

Compare Microsoft To-Do vs Microsoft Planner:

Microsoft To-Do controls the individual tasks through To-Do, Planner. And, in Planner your company has Microsoft 365 which enterprise, education, and business subscription. To-Do makes daily lists. Planner control and schedule teamwork visibly. Specific lists are with friends and teammates in To-Do. In Planner utilize charts to track success. Further, collaborates through Planner, Outlook, and Teams utilize Microsoft Groups. In To-Do choose the Assigned to you to learn tasks assigned to you. On the other hand, in teams look at your To-Do Tasks and Planner Tasks each other alongside utilizing the Tasks application. Microsoft To-Do

Compare Microsoft To-Do and Microsoft OneNote:

To-Do is a regular planner application that enables users to control and share regular lists, due dates are added, remainders are set, and more. While Microsoft OneNote is a completely free cloud-based digital app for note-taking that enables users to generate meetings organizing, lab results, journal coming, and so on. In which the notes are transferred into digital text for the bitterness of the organization and retyping is less. In To-Do is accessible via Windows, Android, and also on the web. Simply manage the tasks.


  • Completely Free
  • The user interface is simple
  • In every tasks File uploading
  • Features are basic and some solid
  • Outlook Tasks and the Syncs


  • Nothing in the details of the subtasks
  • Nothing in the natural language input
  • Nothing priority ratings
  • And, Nothing latest search
  • Nothing the Custom views

Final Review of Microsoft To-Do:

As we completely discuss the Microsoft To-Do of cost, the latest features, the guide, some advantages, and also some comparisons in it we discuss. Simply we use it and also enables us to keep track of little tasks like picking up milk and also control complex development programs. To learn easily into five steps as to your days add tasks, set up some latest to-do lists, and Tackle your main tasks first, with members collaborating, and app integration taking advantage. Further, it is very strong that many people view great for it. Some alternatives for To-Do are also here learn.  Next, It is completely free we use its every feature without any cost. Finally, I ask you to try this free app which has many benefits with a single app.

Microsoft To-Do

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: For students to use the Microsoft To-Do is good?

YES, it is good for students and teachers. the tools need to promote the organization, management of time, and also task management. The capability of daily tasks, due dates are set, and obtain remainders the reluctant.

Q: If we use the Microsoft To-Do and Google Tasks which one is better?

Actually, it depends on the requirement, and if you obtain an app that is simple or uses like Sheets, Calenders, Gmail, and Google Tasks means using Google products. Furthermore, for more features like the planned, collaboration, and my day, etc then you require the To-Do.

Q:  In offline we use the Microsoft To-Do?

To generate the file, means we generate the documents that are blank, workbook, and in offline presentation. From the template to create this you require the internet. Further, on your file, you continue working offline.

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