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How to Use Canva like a Pro For Free

how to use canva like a pro

Canva is launched in 2013, by the technology entrepreneur Melanie Perkins. More than 190 countries it has about 135 million users active every month. How to use Canva like a Pro is important to know about an individual or business, and always try to look at the ways that they create their work more effectively and professionally. For this purpose Canva is the best way, for this it has some of the tricks about all the tips we obtain from this. Moreover, the unique or making engaging content on social media. Without consuming more tasks easily create their content images from this. While others like these apps are time-consuming and only consume our time and then some of the images. Further, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc have graphic designing in Canva. Easily drag and drop their email. You are growing your social media profile from this.

how to use canva like a pro

What is Canva?

This is the app for graphic design. In this, the main purpose is to design the visual materials without any requirement of experience in graphic design. This is used to make simple videos, social media graphics, slides, posters, presentations, and visuals helps the vast range of customizable templates and images are feely we create very easily. It has free or paid versions of both of them. Unfortunately, with traditional graphic design tools such as  Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, the Canva curve in this learning is very extremely pretty. Next, Its features are very basic like for the ”Pro” solutions, yet its cost is much lower than the others. Moreover, over 15 billion designs are made with this device, and at present about 3500 staff members are working in the organization.

By What Kind of Method How to use Canva like a Pro Work?

It is used in any form meaning a downloadable app like for iOS, Mac, PC, Andriod, or Chromebook and in a web browser. Indeed, To create your design this has three key things:


For the vast range of applications, it has pre-designed layouts that you utilize to create videos, presentations, business cards, adverts, charts, or infographics.


Add in your Canva templates it has royalty-free videos, photos, and graphics.

Drag and Drop Editor:

Consider that you move elements around in the templates.

In addition, Canva also manages typeface editing and templates using colors or making custom templates all provided in this Canva. As well as that easily pick the template, some of the content also drops in this, so create some of the tweaks and enhance your design for utilization online or as an item like the printed.

how to use canva like a pro

How to Use Canava Like a Pro And Their Pro Tips:

1. The Magic Resize Button You Use:

In Canva it is one of the important features. This enables you to quickly and simply resize your design to fit any requirements. For instance, whether, you make a design for a social media post, simply resize it for a blog post banner or an email header without beginning from scratch.

2. Templates Use:

The vast range of templates is obtainable for free. From social media, you search the templates for everything from resumes to presentations. Besides, Utilizing the templates assists you with a safe time and ensures that the conforming product is polished and professional.

3. With Fonts Experiment:

For free hundreds of fonts are available. It has many choices to play around with to search for the perfect font for your project. Moreover, as well as in the experiment with several font combinations, you search for some things that look great and transfer the right message to your brand.

4. Take Beneficial of Free Resources:

Further, in fonts and templates, Canva provides free icons, photos, and illustrations. These are the best ways to some of the extra visual interest you add to your designs and not pay the hire a designer or stock photos.

5. Use Alignments and Grids:

This provides alignments and grid tools that also assist in making balanced and approaching designs that are visible. Particularly, these tools are mainly for working with several text or image elements. Due to using this feature, you also ignore some of the common mistakes in the design such as objects approaching lopsided or off-center. The above tips you use Canva such a Pro and make high-quality design simple and easy.

how to use canva like a pro

Pro Tips:

Canva is the best device for making great designs, yet this has the trick to sue this whether are not famous with the software. The tips are:

  1. By exploring the templates you start. Along with this has a vast range of templates for several purposes, only giving some of the time to browse across them and look you obtainable.
  2. In the dimensions of your design, you pay attention to this. Also to make the new design, you will require to select the dimensions that greatly fit your requirements.
  3. Utilize the alignments and grids in your design that seem tidy and clean.
  4. Sparingly images are used. Moreover the images in your design even so is created to show the cluttered and busy. Help to utilize them to add genuinely something to your design.
  5. For the readable text to keep. In designing you add the text, creating the legible by utilizing an easy font and colors that are clear. Along with Trying not too much text and designing.
  6. Try that the colors you add are matching. Even so select colors for your design.

In Canva Photo Editing Options:

At once for designing a photo you have added this, simply using the Canava for the photo editing device. To approach this, the photo of your project clicks, and after pressing the button edit the image. Even so, It gives the way that you set your photo and adjust this. Its brightness, saturation, contrast, and many of things are provided by Canva. And also create Instagram-style filters in this. Moreover, you edit the photo via its ‘modal photo editor’.In addition, It is the latest standalone image editor that you enable to adjust color, crop images, apply filters, and design adding or deleting the background. Whereas For correcting the colors it has the option of auto-adjust you use.

how to use canva like a pro

Inn Canva Editing Videos:

Further, in Canva you make the ‘static’ designs means you create the videos. This has the same process as designing static material you pick a tweak, template it, and in the videos add the clips as required. In the uploads section, the clips are either imported or in the video timeline you add using the Canava great library of videos are stock for recording the video to use in the webcam directly into Canva. The clips you tweaked to crop, animate, flip, etc. One of the benefits is that you remove the background of the videos. It has also obtainable the BETA model for this, and in only 90 seconds or below in length you can see the background and its speaker behind, only the simple use of Canva.

In Canva Creating Presentations:

Microsoft PowerPoint is the alternative use of the canvas. But Canva does not have the whistles and bells that PowerPoint has. Moreover, the range of devices provides the interface for the design of the presentation that is simply we use rather than PowerPoints. Also, its template range is greater than the PowerPoint. Canva has about 1,5000 templates to select from, that have the three formats. While the PowerPoint has only 50 out of the box. Next, In how to use Canava like Pro you simply record the presentations. Simply use the Laptop webcam and construct in microphone to record a video to present the content. One of the problems in making presentations in Canva is exporting them. Whereas Possible that your presentation is in your PowerPoint format (PPTX), this includes the clunky and strange process.

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With Canva Creating Documents:

An important and new feature of the Canva is ‘Canva Docs’ feature. Whether to be used as an alternative to desktop apps that are publishing such as Microsoft Word. Canva Docs consider that all use of the Canva design device, brand kits, templates, and stock visuals that you making the document, fastly way of attracting, or page and screen. Mechanically, the same documents are also made with tools such as Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, whether, you obtain to make the Canva Docs for the editing in Word, currently possible the only PDF export of the documents. Yet Canva Docs provides specific search in traditional desktop apps of publishing: its latest ‘Magic Write’ tool.

In Canva Creating Charts and Data Visualizations:

In Canva, you create social media graphics, which also have important features for making graphs and charts. This makes up the 11 types of charts utilizing Canva involving line graphs, bar charts, histograms, pie charts, and more. Whereas Simply we use the features to enter the data into the table of the Canava Interface on the left-hand side. Next, That automatically returns to the graph or chart. Even so, A variety of formats are exported or embedded on the websites. Whether as well as that you use it to create the latest data visualization has features.

You Exporting your Projects:

When you make the design or video in Canva, you export it in several formats, which are:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PPTX
  • GIF
  • MP4
  • SVG
  • PDF

For comparison the professional design device, has the bit range of form of output, which indicates the key drawbacks of Canva. This enables the exporting of your content into the material form or yet Canva is originally limited to choose. Indeed,  In Adobe Photoshop PSD format you are not exported in it. Moreover, for the understanding of Spotify With Premium APK Ultimate Music Streaming Experience. You read this.

Pros of How to Use Canva Like a Pro:

  • Simple use
  • And, Support
  • Choices of Brand kit
  • Indeed, Simply to collaborate on designing
  • One of the printed items
  • Magic Resize device

Cons How to use Canva like a Pro:

  • without internet graphic design, the tool is not possible
  • Never back the projects
  • Formats are limited
  • Never support the phone
  • Never export the images

Final Review of How to Use Canva Like a Pro:

As we completely discuss how to use Canva like a Pro. It was originally a solid, and simple-to-use application with a lot of features that simply created the visible design. This is not only the Whilst in substitute graphic design professionally or the application of video editing, only the simple way you use this. Yet it has limited output formats. This has never been any of the backup projects, guide the email only. One of the problems in the format of the outputs is that has the limiting capability to start the design and professionally the designing in the other of the application. As well as that regarding the question of how to use Canva like a Pro, I hope you understand the situation and completely approach the way. For more information, you visit my website.

Happy With Canva!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use Canva like a Pro in a professional?

Whether we obtain the to make easy graphics like social media posts, adding the designing ways to your presentations, personal uses, and school projects. Rather, For this Canva is a great choice. Yet for professional purposes, it is not great.

Q: How to use Canva like a Pro without any cost?

There are several ways to obtain the Canav Pro without any cost means free. For this, you trial free sign up, order for the program Canva Pro student, more relative friends to Canva, and seek promotions and discounts. As well as that even so, Due to this, you enjoy the features of the pro without any of the cost.

Q: By what kind of method we obtain high quality in Canva?

For this, you install the design as PNG or JPG with great settings for quality and size. Besides,  you select JPG or PNG in the file type that is dropdown and drag the quality or size slider to the right or left.

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