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What is GoPro Quik Desktop? And for Both Windows & Mac

GoPro Quik Desktop

Quickly create this easy-to-access and edit your GoPro videos and photos. The GoPro Quick application for desktop is the best editing results for your content of GoPro. Same as the Quick mobile app, accessible, simple to operate, practically its desktop version, and also free. We know that the quicker flow is the mean of the Quick. This is the basic application that provides you more access hands-off due to this reason you obtain the other applications of the desktop such as Final Cut and Premiere Pro. More introduce some of the amazing action cameras of GoPro are the beginning of the Quick App Desktop by like the adds the cherry to the cake is GoPro. The App of GoPro Quik Desktop is also for both Mac and Windows.

GoPro Quik Desktop

What is GoPro Quik Desktop?

This GoPro Quik Desktop has automatic footage you import and meka the great videos synced to music in only a some of the clicks. Moreover, this has an optional subscription to GoPro Plus, which is simple to make and transfer epic videos. It has the number od variety of soundtracks to select from, and mechanically uploads photos and videos to edit to the cloud and on your phone, so you enjoy it at any time or any place. As you use GoPro Quik for PC Desktop you import your footage and enjoy also making great videos with only some clicks. Simply share your footage into beautiful videos and synced to music. This is amazing if you use then you realize this.

By What Method You Install the GoPro Quik On Windows:

The methods obtainable for the GoPro App on Windows are two that are:

1. The following link you click to install the version of the GoPro Quik APP that is earlier on your Windows PC.

2. More to obtain the GoPro Quik App the most recent version on your Laptop, then you first require to download BlueStacks, on your PC a program that emulates an Andriod device.

GoPro Quik Desktop

You Follow These Steps to obtain the Newest Version of This on the desktop are:

Step 1: Install and download BlueStacks on your desktop Laptop.

Step 2: On your system, you launch BlueStacks. This is the next step in this as it is important so we discuss this point urgently.

Step 3: The Bluestacks At once you are up and running, the option in the emulator has the ”My Apps” click on this.

Step 4: Whether you want to install use the search function to view the app. Particularly, GoPro Quick.

Step 5: After the results of the search, choose the GoPro Quik app and begin to install it. And moreover, this is for the beginners.

Step 6: Log your Google account you are required to install the app on BlueStacks from Google Play.

Step 7: When you log in then, installation of the GoPro Quik will start, with the time depending on your connection speed.

By What Method You Install GoPro Quik on Mac:

The method to installing the GoPro Quick on Mac has two that are:

GoPro Quik Desktop

  1. The link below you click to install the version of the GoPro Quick App that is older on a Mac.
  2. On your Laptop to secure the new version of the GoPro Quick app, to install the BlueStacks is the first requirement, that on an Android device simulates on your PC.

The Most recent version of This App on the Mac by What Method we Install This:

Step 1: Install and download BlueStacks on your desktop Laptop.

Step 2: On your machine start BlueStacks. This is the next step that we discuss because it is interesting.

Step 3: When BlueStacks is launching, in the emulator you click the ”My Apps” button.

Step 4: The integrated search feature used to search the GoPro Quik App. As it is very important for searching the features.

Step 5: In the search results, choose the GoPro Quik App and begin the process of the installation.

Step 6: From the Google Play store on BlueStacks to install apps, you require in Google account you log it. This is for the store from Google Play.

GoPro Quik Desktop

Step 7: You log in at once, install and download will start on the GoPro Quick app, your internet connection speed is the subject.

Uses of GoPro Quik for Desktop has the Method That is Below:

Step 1: In Your GoPro Content You Import:

In your GoPro content, your import is the first step for video clips for the desktop. The app involves constructing the import features. You only attach the GoPro to your PC via the transfer cable and after the Quick app is launched. Further, on the app at once you click, the point is that you automatically catch your camera. Once all the files will start and then the imported, you start editing on your Desktops for  GoPro videos.

Step 2: Your Favourite Moments You Select:

Your favorite moments you select is the next step from the thumbnails and out of them create beautiful videos. From the GoPro, you view all the raw footage that importing and pick the clicks that are your favorite.

GoPro Quik Desktop

Step 3: Create the Necessary Edits:

All of your favorite moments at once you have chosen, these GoPro clips you will view the timelines. Make the short clip by choosing the icons of ”clip” for the length of the clip you are adjusting. Moreover, these involve trimming videos to make short clips, choosing highlights, and many more.

Step 4: The Perfect Soundtrack You Pick:

For more interesting you create the video, for this, you add the music in this. Further, on this app, there are about 10 free songs that are obtainable. Also, GoPro Plus subscription you have. You approach an expensive library to select from the soundtracks. Choose the track that greatly fits your video.

Step 5: Share and Export:

This is the last step means finally your video is finally completed for exportation and on Facebook, Youtube, and many more you shared. Within seconds, all this is automatically from the app it happens.

Video Editing Software

Features of GoPro Quick For Desktop:

Some of the features are given below:

1 Automatically Organize and Import GoPro Content:

From your camera or memory card with the GoPro Quick application the files you are import into your desktop automatically. Your GoPro content in this app enables you to organize so you simply search for all you are looking for in them. Moreover, the subscription to GoPro PLUS that have automatically your GoPro content has upload to the cloud utilizing the Quick app.

2 Your GoPro Shots You Editing:

With only some clicks, the GoPro Quik shares your shots of GoPro into videos appealing. This considers your look, making, and editing short video clips from the time-lapses, and bursts, and selecting for your video the perfect soundtrack. After, this I hope you start to transfer your memorable moments in only a few seconds. Moreover, also the length of the videos is in your mind with GoPro Quick. And this is short.

Video Editing Software

3 GoPro Media You Share:

Consider that the GoPro media share their shots on the right social media from the app. More, you utilize the post to your GoPro videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

4 The Best Moments Are Highlights:

The Highlight Tags you search for and your favorite moments within your highlights on GoPro the footage shot. Further, your favorite moments you also still create this.

5 Add Graphs and Gauges:

The GoPro Quick app, capture your GPS path, elevation gain, speed, and many more. And more the data is visible by what method they far, fast, and high in they include in adventures such as cycling, surfing, skiing, and many more.

6 Up-To-Date GoPro Devices:

Finally, that GoPro Devices you up to date this consider. Your GoPro products you update, such as the Karma grip, GoPro camera, remote, and so on, due to new features for optimal performances.

For the biggeners

Features For Windows:

This is rich due to its features and also offers the pretty that you require to make amazing videos and photos. Some of the main features are given below:

1# Making Amazing  Videos In Only a Few Clicks:

Due to GoPro Quick, amazing videos in a very simple method. With only a few clicks all photos and videos you import. Just only a few clicks you editing them. Simply provide everything that you realize yourself such as a pro video editor.

2# Auto Cloud Uploads:

This is the second amazing feature that editing videos in this features of the GoPro Quick. Automatically in your cloud uploaded. To work for this feature, create an active PLUS subscription to GoPro.

For the biggeners3# Graet Editing:

To turn, GoPro footage into a great video has only the easy click of some of the buttons. The perfect soundtrack is what you pick, after your favorite moments you pick. Automatically your video syncs with the songs like music, in only a few seconds you share this. Create your videos with great effects with photos and time-lapse sequences are adding.

4# With the Friends You Share:

Short videos you create are considered for publishing on YouTube, Facebook, and many more. Unique video you create from your timelapse photo and burst. Moreover, your search and save the video’s memorable moments, and then high-quality still images are shared with them.

5# Latest Speed Tool:

To select the Speed icon tap the pencil in your Media Mural for the video. After more than one speed effect you apply at the same time. Between the real-time and half-speed low motion, the speed is toggled.

For the biggeners

6# GoPro-Exclusive Filters:

As from the Mural or Media, choose a video or photo and tap the pencil. Moreover, the footage is optimized in the environment the shot in, in house GoPro has about to making 25 filters. By utilizing the scrub bar, the intensity of each filter you adjust.

7# Premium Themes:

From the Media, you may be making the latest highlight, alternatively. About the 13 video editing themes you will be presented. Moreover, adding transitions and text, the music you also change, selecting the duration, and selecting the right format for transferring the platform, like text or social media.


  • Simple and with quickness this is despite, and has some of the drawbacks.
  • This is great for those also who never editing a GoPro video previously.
  • As it is video editing software that is simply frustrating and more.GoPro Quik Desktop
  • You obtaining the video from the card means memory card and it out there putting.


  • From your phone or DSLR, you are not editing footage with the Quick App for the Desktop.
  • In the Quick app, only the footage is used
  • More the ten free songs in Plus members of GoPro have the approach to the additional music library.
  • Users of their music are not imported in either.
  • In addition, you make a particular number of highlights. Also every 30 second video has 10 limited Highlights.

Final Review of the GoPro Quik Desktop:

As in above we completely discuss the GoPro Quik Desktop. This is great for their video editing and also their effects are the very best. And also many of the limitations we discuss in the cons. For the basic video editing means the basic it is great for this purpose. Its advanced features are such as keyframing, audio normalization, gif support, color tuning, etc. Rather than this app, the video editing software is the Filmora video editor. The features of Filmora have plenty and simply compete with the latest video editors in this globe. Additionally, the editing software is professional such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere. GoPro is not best for professionals rather for the other way this is best.

GoPro Quik Desktop

Happy GoPro Quik Desktop! (Video Editor)

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you obtaining the GoPro Quik on the Desktop?

Q: Why on my desktop the GoPro Quik are not opening?

In many of the problems, one of the problems is that the internet connection is unable. After connecting to the internet this works.

Q: By what method are we updating the GoPro Quik on the desktop?

First GoPro is open, search your camera and choose Control. In this you obtain the update, then upon your camera on the list and continue to update.

Q: For the GoPro Quik application have the minimum requirement that is?

Android 9.0 has Android devices that are running or newer with 2GB of RAM which is the minimum.

Q: By what method do you share the videos from the GoPro to the PC?

From your GoPro, you eject the SD card, and in your Laptop, you plug and import your video. Search the microSD firstly on the side, on the eject you press this. After, you put the microSD adaptor in your Laptop for the plugging.

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